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Our Workers’ Compensation Safety Group Plans are a means of bringing together homogeneous risks associated with the restaurant industry and can significantly reduce the cost of workers’ compensation insurance for businesses.

Safety Group Plans promote established safety precepts by placing special emphasis on common safety and risk prevention methods to reduce losses. These include:

Loss Control Services • Managed Care • Workplace Safety Seminars

The profits of reduced losses and claims are distributed to safety group members in the form of an annual dividend. Our Safety Group Plans offer a generous policyholder dividend feature that can reciprocate up to 25.5%.

Our Workers’ Compensation Safety Group plan:
Safety Group Dividend Plan Group #96 Northeast Food Service Group

Benefits of the plan include:

Reduced Insurance Costs • Loss Control Assistance
Comprehensive Claims Support • Increased Employee Productivity 

We have a strong relationship with our Safety Group insurance carrier, Magna Carta Companies. As a company with an 82 year track record of successful operations, a secured financial rating from AM Best, and a conservative investment portfolio, you can expect excellent customer service, competitive pricing, and comprehensive coverage for your business.

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